Review: Protecting The Heiress
Harlequin Kimani Romance
August 2015
REVIEWER:  Shirley Flemming | RATING: A
REVIEW: Francine Blake and Meeks Montgomery have known each other since they were kids and have loved each other just as long. These two have been circling each other for years but never acted on their attraction. Francine has issues with Meeks overprotective and overbearing nature and most definitely his take charge attitude. Meeks has a problem with Francine’s resistance to being protected.  Beneath their constant sparring is a sizzling passion waiting to explode. Meeks loves Francine to distraction and she feels the same about him. When an enemy rises up to take her away from him, his protective instincts go on overload and he does whatever is necessary to keep her safe. Because without his Francine, he has no life.

Francine Blake, affectionately known as “Cine” to family and friends, is as stubborn as she is beautiful.  She’s the CEO of her family's international security firm and can hold her own in a male oriented business. She’s had years of martial arts training with her father and other experts in the field. With double black belts and the ability to handle any kind of weapon, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Meeks Montgomery is arrogant, controlling and sexy. He’s the embodiment of an alpha male and one of the best security specialists in the business. Meeks is a man who gives orders and expects them to be obeyed without question. When he speaks, everyone has better listen. His handsome face, confidence, and commanding presence is a magnet for women. But he has eyes for only one.

This book is smoking! Francine and Meeks set the pages ablaze in this sexy, passionate love story. Even their arguments are passionate. As partners in business, their daily battles are guaranteed. When Francine and Meeks go head to head, all anyone can do is get out of the line of fire, because sparks are surely going to fly. The author knocked it out of the ballpark with these two strong-willed characters. Their love for each other is so visual even a blind man can see it. Their passion is so tangible you can reach out and touch it. Their sexual tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. The other characters are just as enthralling and realistic.

This steamy love story is set in the state of Texas with the Houston skyline as the backdrop. I’m looking forward to more delicious books by this author.
PROTECTING THE HEIRESS is the first book in The Blake Sisters series. I can’t wait to read Farrah and Felicia’s story. It can only get better.  Keep them coming Ms. Kennerson!

20th September 2015 |