REVIEW: PLAYING WITH FIRE is not the typical hero/heroine romance, although that does exist. This is the story of a young boy who longed for his father, and the way decisions made that were beyond his control, affected him as an adult.

Born, Lawrence Alexander Marshall, but known as Romeo since he was four years old, he is living the good life as co-owner of the Playground Jazz and Blues Club. Romeo loved music, but was not talented in that field himself, so owning a music club was the next best thing. Tall, handsome, and educated Romeo did not let an athletic scholarship go to waste because of a knee injury. He pursued a degree in engineering, but later realized the boardroom was not for him, so Romeo returned home to North Carolina and the Playground was born. Enter beautiful, voluptuous, president of sales and marketing, Taryn Williams and Piano Man, James Burdett. Romeo's life is forever changed; he just does not know it yet.

In PLAYING WITH FIRE, Ms Fletcher Mello invites you to come along as Romeo, Taryn, Piano Man and longtime friend, Aunt Aleta work through issues past and present to get to the future.

A hilarious supporting cast - starring Odetta, Playground's top waitress, frat brother and co-owner, Malcolm, a young songstress, named Sharon whose voice meshes so well with Piano Man's playing together they make you weep - invite you to come along for the ride and adds lightness to the overall story.

Ms Fletcher Mello deals with the pain of losing a parent and not knowing another. “Piano Man stared after him as Romeo headed toward his office at the rear of the club. As the younger man closed the door behind himself, one could see the sadness creep back into Piano Man’s eyes. Pushing the green bills deep into his front pocket, he sauntered back to the stage and let his fingers cry against the piano keys.” Ms Mello Fletcher also deals with the issue of running from problems when they get to be too much to handle, but running has consequences for more than just the runner.

I loved, loved. loved this book! Ms Fletcher Mello lives up to her reputation of providing quality reading material. Curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, tissues, a blanket and get lost in Romeo's story as he is PLAYING WITH FIRE in more ways than one.

8th February 2015 |
Review: Playing With Fire
PLAYING WITH FIRE - Deborah Fletcher Mello
Kensington Dafina/Romance
March 2015
Brenda Maxwell |  RATING: A