Review: Passion Ignited
Harlequin Kimani Romance
September 2015
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: B+
REVIEW: Kayla Perrin returns to Ocean City, California and Fire Station Two to deliver the fiery story of Omar and Gabrielle in Book #3 of her Love on Fire series. Each novel in this series includes a continuing arson subplot. That subplot is in the forefront in this episode.

Lt. Omar Ewing, like the other firefighter heroes in this series, is inspired to become a firefighter as a result of a personal fire related tragedy. Omar is labeled by his coworkers as a serious ladies’ man. True, he enjoys female companionship, but he isn’t the cold-blooded playboy he is portrayed to be. After tragically losing the love of his life, he hasn’t met a woman who compares; that is, until he meets uptight and controlling Gabrielle “Gabby” Leonard.

Gabby, to be polite, is “a piece of work”. She is a producer and talk show host at a local community television station. Her first encounter with Omar is in a dark alley and not under the most ideal circumstances.  He spies her running from the scene of a suspicious fire claiming to be chasing the arsonist that has Ocean City gripped in fear. Little does Omar know, Gabby is frustrated by the ineptness of authorities and vows to apprehend the arsonist to revenge the loss of her family’s restaurant by arson. Omar eyes her appreciatively, and despite her attitude is intrigued by this sarcastic beauty. She senses an attraction too, but to protect her shattered heart, she immediately pegs him as a playboy and labels him off-limits.

Other characters impacting this story include Gabby’s family, her friend Pauline, Omar’s fellow firefighters at Station Two and the arsonist. Inappropriately, Gabby lets rumors define her opinion of Omar. She claims expertise of the playboy agenda and blocks Omar’s every move. Despite her impenetrable wall, Omar continues his quest to prove to Gabby, “I’m not what you think.” Gabby and Omar have a classic case of “avoidance”. Gabby was hurt deeply by an ex and runs from relationships to avoid being hurt again.  Omar purposely avoids long-term relationships and is misleadingly labeled a “playa”.

I like Gabby and Omar, but their relationship drama is a bit prolonged.  I am not certain if this is the finale, but overall, I have enjoyed this series in which Perrin cleverly combines romance with a witty dialogue and a thrilling subplot to create tender love stories. I invite you to experience Ocean City’s hottest firefighters who specialize in heating up hearts.

1st November 2015 |