Review: One On One
ONE ON ONE - Keith Thomas Walker
KeithThomasWalker Books
September 2015
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: ONE ON ONE by Keith Thomas Walker is set in the Texas town of Overbrook Meadows, a familiar setting in the author’s stories.  The setting is most appropriate for this story because of the sports motif that runs throughout the story. Sports play a huge role in small to moderate Texas towns like the fictional Overbrook Meadows of our story. This adds to the story’s believability and continuity to Walker’s previous works.

Likewise, the main characters possess a believability that is very relatable. Our hero, Marquis Berry is a once highly touted member of the Dallas Cowboys until an untimely injury caused him to quit the game after only one season. This led to marital problems and a downward spiral in his personal life. Having fought back from that setback, he decides to take a job as a biology teacher and coach of the basketball team; the girl’s basketball team at Finley High School.

His brother, Omar, is the voice of reason for Marquis. Omar pulls no punches when it comes to giving advice and helping Marquis navigate his post-divorce course. Then, there’s the love interest of our hero. Nya Edmonds, a trauma nurse who is pulling herself out of a twelve-year relationship with a man who helped to raise her daughter, Lisa, but never proposed marriage. Let me add here that Nya is about 10 years older than Marquis (this little fact adds to the drama). Lisa just happens to be the star basketball player of the Finley High girl’s basketball team. The plot thickens. Daryl, Nya’s ex-live-in, is desperate to get back with Nya. (Side Note: When you read about Daryl, notice where he is employed.) Will our hero, Marquis be able to pull his personal life together and finally see success in the classroom and on the hardwood?  Will Daryl finally see the light? Will Nya finally see Marquis? Sounds interesting? You bet it is!

I liked this story, and I recommend it! Get
ONE ON ONE. You won’t be disappointed.

1st October 2015 |