Review: Nothing's Sweeter Than Candy
Crimson Romance/Spicy
February 2015
REVIEWER:  Ashley Slater|  RATING: C
REVIEW: Candace is young, successful, and free spirited.  So a relationship is the last thing she’s seeking, since she’s dated enough men to know that cheaters come in many different packages. She prefers to keep her romantic entanglements light and avoid serious commitments.  Brice has had his fair share of women over the years. He is not afraid of commitment; he’s just waiting to find the right woman.  When a chance encounter brings Brice and Candace together, Brice devices a way to make sure their paths cross again…

As Brice and Candace get to know each other, Candace has a really difficult time trusting her feelings for him.  Brice is a great guy and very clear in his intentions toward Candace, yet she has a hard time trusting him and believing the relationship can work.  This is mostly due to being burned by love in the past with her previous relationships.  As we learn more about her past it still doesn’t seem to justify the cynicism that she has toward men, especially when she admits to choosing the wrong guys.  Therefore, it’s difficult to understand how the baggage from her adolescence is preventing her from fully loving Brice. In spite of these issues, Brian and Candace have great chemistry. So for those who like a little more spice in their romance novels, then you’ll enjoy the love scenes.  Though this romance is labeled “Spicy,” none of the sexual escapades are too over the top.

Overall, NOTHING’S SWEETER THAN CANDY has potential, but ultimately suffers from poor character development. I genuinely liked Brice, but I found that I didn’t really want him to be with Candace because she was so indecisive and immature at times.

22nd March 2015 |