Review: Mystic Park
MYSTIC PARK - Regina Hart
Kensington Dafina/Romance
September 2015
REVIEWER:  Beverly Jackson | RATING: C
REVIEW: Entertainment business manager, Benita Hawkins, is back in her hometown of Trinity Falls for two reasons. One is to convince her elderly Aunt Helen to move into a senior citizen facility, and most importantly to convince childhood sweetheart, Vaughn Brooks, to move to Los Angeles so they can be together all of the time. Vaughn, a music professor, loves everything about his hometown and though he has loved Benita for eighteen years, he has no intentions of moving to Los Angeles. While both want to take their relationship to the next level, they have reached a standoff with no solution in sight. Vaughn ends their relationship. Secretly neither is willing to accept the end of the relationship and each conceives a plan to seduce the other to their way of thinking. As time ticks down for Benita to return to Los Angeles so does the time tick down on their happily-ever-after.

Ms. Hart crafts a charming small-town world filled with heart, laughter and a dash of spice in this heartwarming romance as a couple learns what is truly important in life. Benita is a determined take-charge person and all who love her appreciates this quality in her. Benita just does not want to hear any opposition from Vaughn or Aunt Helen as she thinks her plans are the only correct course of action. Benita is going to have to dig deep to see past her stubbornness to get her happily-ever-after. Vaughn has seen how, when he visits Los Angeles, that Benita becomes a person to whom only work and being seen matter and he does not want this for himself. There is no denying the attraction and love they have for each other but I thought their communication skills with each other could have been better. That the word “Los Angeles” shut down the couple so many times in the book and could not seem to move forward made the ending seem a little rushed.

The secondary storyline of Aunt Helen highlights a timely issue many have to face when relatives do not live close by. I thought the author handled this issue realistically. Another secondary storyline involving Doreen and Alonzo highlights a mature relationship showing that romantic love does not know age boundaries. But the additional relationship woes of other couples were a distraction for me and often interrupted the flow of the main couple and the previously mentioned storylines.

MYSTIC PARK is the fourth book in the Finding Home series. As in the previous titles, the characters are real, have sympathetic flaws and feisty personalities in their own quirky ways as the charm of Trinity Falls welcomes you like an old friend. I recommend MYSTIC PARK to readers who enjoy stories of family, friendship, and heartfelt romance.

7th September 2015 |