Review:  Mine Tonight
MINE TONIGHT - Lisa Marie Perry
Harlequin Kiman/Romance
April 2015
REVIEWER:  Beverly Jackson | RATING: B+
REVIEW: Beautiful, resourceful, yet vulnerable, Bindi Paxton needs to find a new direction for her life and end her self-destructive patterns. So she decides to take advantage of a pre-paid “perk” provided by her much older ex-fiancé, Alessandro Franco and his “pie-in-the-sky” promises - a two-week stay at an exclusive resort in the Seychelles Islands. The last person Bindi expects to see during her vacation is Santino Franco, Alessandro’s eldest son. While Bindi and Santino were always at odds with each other back home in Las Vegas, now their attraction to each other is igniting a desire that needs to be fulfilled. Trust is a major issue for the couple and though the one-night of lovemaking is explosive each will have to decide how to forge their future. Will Alessandro bind them to his past mistakes or will the couple be able to eradicate their demons and define themselves by their own terms?

I was not sure whose story would be the fourth one in the Blue Dynasty series now that all three of the Blue sisters have found their happily-ever-after but there was no way I saw it being Bindi and Santino. Both were not very likable characters when readers were introduced to them in previous books. Kudos to Perry for not only setting the stage for allowing Bindi and Santino to have their redemption but providing an atypical romance situation that sends the reader on an emotional roller coaster that twists and turns until the end.

After a jerky start this storyline quickly settles down as a page turner. Bindi’s lifestyle seems to be one of a gold-digger yet there were always hints of a heart of gold and an unsettled past. Journeying with Bindi to meet her parents and her past is heartbreaking. Watching Bindi mature and break the shackles of her past with Santino proving he would be there for her is a tear-jerker. Santino lets his arrogance and anger hide a complexity of emotions he himself does not quite fully understand. Santino is the “loyal son” and he does love his father and is deeply hurt to find his father was the cause of his spinal cord injury that ended his football career. While Santino wants his life back the way it was his maturity into a sensual loving friendship is touching and realistic. Alessandro’s backstory and present are further detailed and I will leave it up to the readers for how much sympathy they want to show him. A surprise action at the end by one of the Blue’s rounded out this good-feeling storyline.

MINE TONIGHT will thrill fans with another edgy, riveting, breathtaking tale. While this book stands alone, I am sure new fans will be want to read the series from the beginning before the next book. A manhunt, seduction, redemption and of course a whirlwind romance makes this a must read.

1st May 2015 |