Review:  Making It Real
MAKING IT REAL - Synithia Williams
Crimson Romance

June 2015
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING: A
REVIEW: MAKING IT REAL by Synithia Williams illustrates that change can take time but sometimes all it really takes is the right person to inspire change.
Five year ago, Kareem Henderson was in prison but he has made remarkable strides in transforming his life. Kareem now owns a successful barbershop and plans to open an upscale salon for men. Unfortunately, Kareem’s past is impeding his future plans. Despite this setback, Kareem is determined to actualize his dream and nothing can sidetrack him except maybe Neecie, the only female barber in his shop.

Two years ago, Neecie “Patrice” Baldwin ran away from a family that ignored her emotional and physical problems. Neecie is finally comfortable about her appearance and has no desire to be sucked back into her family’s façade of perfection. Unfortunately, her brother has tracked her down believing it is time for reconciliation. In a moment of panic, Neecie introduces Kareem as her fiancé and formulates a plan to protect her new life from her old one and provide Kareem with the connections he needs to launch his salon. Kareem’s feeling for Neecie soon intensify but they are from such different worlds. He doubts whether Neecie would ever accept him as her real lover because of a shameful secret he harbors.
MAKING IT REAL is the most attention-grabbing of all the Henderson novels and very entertaining throughout.

The author does a great job of crafting complex and multi-layered characters.  Outwardly they seem whole but beneath the surface they are broken people craving love and acceptance.  Kareem Henderson views himself as the misfit and even though his family has forgiven him, Kareem has yet to forgive himself.  As the story develops, Kareem is finally able to shed the shackles of his past. However, illumination takes a bit longer for Neecie. Kareem goes through both an emotional and physical transformation while Neecie’s emotional transformation completes her journey to wholeness.

The dialogue is engrossing and the style differs from one character to the next.  Kareem comes across somewhat rough around the edges although he is born to privilege. Neecie sheds the trappings of her former elitist world and takes on a more bohemian approach. The dialogue reads as an authentic portrayal of each character.

MAKING IT REAL is the heartfelt story of Kareem; the enigmatic character in both JUST MY TYPE and LOVE’S REPLAY. It is exciting to read his story and finally understand the divide between him and his family. Kareem’s progress is remarkable and while I enjoyed every novel in this series; Kareem’s story is probably the most poignant.

14th June 2015 |