Review: Made To Love You
MADE TO LOVE YOU - Sheryl Lister
July 2015
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING: B+
REVIEW: In MADE TO LOVE YOU by Sheryl Lister, two people are given the rare chance to rediscover the love they lost. Events planner, Vivian Michaels is discovering true love with Architect, Devin Simms, until someone from her past heartlessly ruins everything. Fearing shame and discovery, Vivian abruptly ends their flourishing romance. Devin never understood the true reason Vivian ended their relationship. A few years later, while traveling to attend his friend’s wedding in Jamaica, Devin and Vivian’s paths cross again and this time, he is determined to get answers. Vivian’s feelings have not changed even after two years but she is still ashamed of what happened and doesn’t know how to tell Devin. She wants another chance with Devin but the only way to truly begin again is if she tells him the truth. Unfortunately, the truth may set Vivian free but it may also free Devin of any feelings he still has for her.

MADE TO LOVE YOU is very interesting as it moves through the twists and turns of Vivian and Devin’s story. Devin is a solid guy who seems ready to settle down until Vivian breaks up with him.  Vivian is a self-made success but remains embarrassed by her past. By not being upfront with Devin from the beginning, she is now afraid of any reprisal. Despite concealing such an important secret, Vivian is a good person. This is clear from the sacrifice she makes to prevent further intrusion into Devin’s life. Vivian and Devin have a close-knit group of friends who add further depth to the story, whether they are being good or not so good.

The story is set on an island which is the perfect place for a steamy romance.  The dialogue is very realistic to the characters because Devin comes across as an honest and direct person and this is how he interacts with Vivian and his friends. Vivian is more mysterious and her way of communicating is more thought out and self-conscious; maybe because she is afraid of revealing too much.

MADE TO LOVE YOU is another installment of the Reunited in Paradise series which includes ALL OF ME. In both novels, Lister creates realistic characters that pull you into their situations and keep you entertained.  The story is a fast and fun read and the title MADE TO LOVE YOU perfectly illustrates Devin and Vivian’s unbreakable connection.

22nd August 2015 |