Review:  Just Friends
JUST FRIENDS - Delaney Diamond
Delaney Diamond
March 2015
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummers | RATING: A
REVIEW: JUST FRIENDS from the Johnson Family Series, by Delaney Diamond, portrays best friends who become lovers but realize that while the transition may be worthwhile, it may also destroy an old and familiar bond now ruled by new and unfamiliar emotions. 
Trenton Johnson and Alannah Bailey met in elementary school and have been best friends since. They are now adults and while Alannah’s feelings have changed over the years, Trenton still views her as his best friend. Alannah watches from the sidelines as Trenton serial dates without seeing her as a desirable woman. Deciding a change is in order, Alannah undergoes a total makeover. Her new look immediately draws male attention, including Trenton who is inexplicably uncomfortable about her new look and his new feelings.  Trenton finally acknowledges that his overprotectiveness toward Alannah is really possessiveness. Trenton has never acted on his feelings but Alannah is the perfect woman for him. A night of partying leads to passionate revelations and at first Alannah and Trenton are content with their evolving relationship.  Then fearing the transition will cost him the best friend he needs; Trenton defiles the intimacy of their relationship. Shattered by Trenton’s callous treatment Alannah gives up. Trenton soon realizes having Alannah’s friendship and love is infinitely better than just being friends. Unfortunately, Alannah may not be willing to forgive or forget. 
JUST FRIENDS begins with a passionate scene that charts the course for an engaging and emotionally charged novel. Trenton seems to have it all but he carries emotional scars. Alannah is the only person Trenton wholeheartedly confides in. They are both survivors who have overcome traumatic pasts.  Alannah is sometimes socially reserved but Trenton complements her by being vivacious and very likeable.  Alannah has a way of getting to Trenton the way no one else can and his opinion matters the most to her.  On the surface they seem ill-matched but Alannah and Trenton are perfectly suited to each other. 
The story is set in Seattle where the Johnson family is local royalty. The dialogue is contemporary and captivating. Alannah and Trenton’s communication is easy and familiar and from the outset they appear to be a couple very much in love and share everything. It is clear they value each other’s opinion and their intimate rapport makes the story realistic and believable. 
JUST FRIENDS is a great addition to the series and quite possible the best one yet. The story reads seamlessly with interesting characters that are three-dimensional and relatable. The plot is cohesive and flows well. Last but not least; JUST FRIENDS has a truly climactic and memorable ending.

25th April 2015 |