Review: It's You That I Need
IT'S YOU THAT I NEED - Sheryl Lister
December 2015
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: In IT’S YOU THAT I NEED, Sheryl Lister continues to entertain us with yet another love connection. The story is set in California in the city of San Jose, the familiar setting for the first story of this series.

We get a hint of a connection between our hero and heroine in
ALL OF ME after the wedding ceremony of Damian Bradshaw, Kyle’s partner in their safety consultant firm and, Karen Morris, the principal at the same school that Melissa works. In IT’S YOU THAT I NEED, Damian and Karen take on the role of side characters. IT’S YOU THAT I NEED unfolds the story of Kyle Jamison and Melissa Tucker who, after a ten-month separation, come together again because of a threat on Melissa’s life. Melissa is a school psychologist by day, a women’s shelter counselor by night, and someone is threatening her life.

In spite of the fact that she is the one who ended their relationship, she calls on Kyle for help. Kyle gladly becomes Melissa’s personal bodyguard. He sees it as an opportunity to also rekindle their relationship. While Kyle and Melissa are navigating through the love reconnection waters, the threats escalate. As the heroine comes face to face with the villain, our hero appears, and BAM the threat is over! The remaining 31% of the story centers around Kyle and Melissa solidifying their relationship. The one and only negative that I find in the story is there is no character development of the person who tried to off the heroine. There’s nothing like a devious, psycho villain you love to hate. We don’t get the opportunity to find out what makes this villain tick. A little back story or indirect characterization is in order. On the plus side, we are reunited with Terrence and Janae Campbell of
JUST TO BE WITH YOU, the book that started this series.

If you are not familiar with this series, I suggest that you add the books to your TBR list.
IT’S YOU THAT I NEED is the last one, and I recommend it.

10th January 2016 |