Review: It's Only You
IT'S ONLY YOU - Sheryl Lister
Harlequin Kimani Romance
September 2015
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING: A
REVIEW: In Sheryl Lister’s latest novel, IT’S ONLY YOU, a young couple’s love is tested by their inability to trust. Life is finally settling down for emergency room nurse, Simona Andrews, following a year of heartbreak and tragedy. Even her love life improves when a handsome stranger comes to her rescue. Music Exec, Donovan Wright, is immediately drawn to the caring and capable nurse. After a few dates, however, he senses she is holding something back. Simona wants to tell Donovan about her personal life but after discovering his connection to the media world, she is doubtful about continuing their relationship.

A sudden crisis forces Simona to come clean with Donovan. He cannot believe Simona would hide something this important and wonders whether he can trust her going forward. Then Simona is unexpectedly tossed in the middle of an old scandal and new fabrications emerge. Her first instinct is to run again until Donovan sets aside his misgivings to protect her. The stakes are higher this time and Simona doesn’t know if she can trust Donovan to protect her.  Donovan realizes his promise to love and protect Simona may not be enough to make her stay. Throughout the story, Lister reveals enough of the plot to keep the story engaging without feeling rushed. The story is set in Los Angeles which makes sense because the city is big enough for Simona to achieve anonymity.

Simona and Donovan make a great match even though she appears more introverted while he lives in the spotlight. They are similar in that neither trusts easily. Simona remains wary until Donovan slowly and lovingly whittles away her reluctance. When Simona shakes Donovan’s trust he has to come to grips with his own issues before he can approach her again. Simona’s character is giving and selfless and her best gift is receiving a first class partner and protector in Donovan. Rediscovering earlier characters and how they have evolved is always refreshing. The title perfectly describes Donovan and Simona’s feeling of completeness with each other.

Communication is current and the diction very contemporary. The various exchanges read like everyday conversations overhead in a hospital or coffee shop. Having Simona and Donovan communicate with others in their career field also contributes towards character development and to the realism of the overall plot.

IT’S ONLY YOU is a must read and will quickly become a favorite. The characters are realistic and their backstories emotionally wrenching. The plot, while not overly complex, is lightly laced with subplots that subtly enrich the story. IT’S ONLY YOU is a consistently, and completely pleasurable read.

26th September 2015 |