Review: Homecoming
HOMECOMING - Beverly Jenkins
December 2015
REVIEWER:   Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: The setting for Homecoming, a holiday novella, is Detroit, Michigan, but it’s not the Detroit that we are familiar with today. This story presents the Detroit of 1883, and the journey that takes fifteen years for two people to finally come home and recapture love.

Lydia Cooper and Grayson ‘Gray’ Dane, the protagonists, fell in love when they were teenagers. However, marriage and a life together was not in their immediate future due to a devastating indiscretion by Gray. A heartbroken, humiliated Lydia left Detroit and settled in Chicago. Gray, after learning the truth about the woman he married, divorced her and enlisted with the Tenth Cavalry.

The storyline is solid and compact. In the course of reuniting, rediscovering love, and rebuilding the trust that was destroyed, Lydia and Gray’s second chance at love goes from sweet to downright sultry. Nobody pens love scenes like Beverly Jenkins!

is an Historical Romance so you will not only be entertained, but you will also learn something. Beverly Jenkins is masterful at accomplishing this in her stories. I recommend that you read Homecoming. It’s a wonderful holiday story that I know you will enjoy.

14th December 2015 |