Review: His All Night
HIS ALL NIGHT - Elle Wright
Kensington Dafina/Romance
November 2015
REVIEWER:   Susan Plummer | RATING:  B+
REVIEW: When a friends-with-benefits relationship is no longer enough, a couple risk losing what matters most; the friendship.

Jared “Red” Williams and Calisa “Cali” Harper are career-minded individuals with little interest in cultivating an emotional relationship. Their friends-with-benefits arrangement works well until Jared realizes an emptiness to his life without someone to truly share it with.  Unfortunately, Cali remains committed to their current arrangement even though secretly she yearns for more. A past riddled with abandonment and mental illness leaves Cali afraid of pursuing a meaningful relationship. While Jared and Cali continue the awkward dance around their crumbling arrangements; Jared is united with his missing daughter. As Jared and his daughter’s bond grow stronger; Cali feels her connection to Jared slipping away. After taking some time to reevaluate her life, Cali realizes that despite her fears; life without Jared is unbearable.  Unfortunately, Jared may not be able to forgive her abrupt departure because not only did she break his heart; Cali also hurt his daughter by leaving.

The moderate pace of
HIS ALL NIGHT keeps it engaging and being acquainted with the characters formerly featured in THE FORBIDDEN MAN; further creates a desire to learn more about their progression.

HIS ALL NIGHT features the tightknit group of friends first introduced in THE Forbidden MAN. Cali had a difficult childhood until an uncle stepped in and turned her life around. While she has grown into a beautiful and accomplished business woman, the damage is already done and Cali fears repeating generational mistakes. Jared Williams has no commitment issues but simply wasn’t ready for a real relationship until getting involved with Cali. The characters have matured in this novel and are more engaging and likeable.

The dialogue is lively and captivating.  It is an interesting dynamic for Jared to express a desire to settle down while Cali is fine with a non-committal relationship. Cali is feisty and loving and while she acts mercurial with Jared, her love and commitment to her friends is evident. Jared is a straight-shooter who speaks his mind and doesn’t color the truth to soothe anyone feelings. He is handsome, smart and assertive and a very believable character.

HIS ALL NIGHT is a solid follow up to THE FORBIDDEN MAN and continues the theme from the EDGE OF SCANDAL series. While HIS ALL NIGHT is not as scandalous as Sydney and Morgan’s story; I found Cali and Jared’s tale to be even more entertaining. HIS ALL NIGHT is an impressive follow up. I anxiously await the next novel in the series

20th December 2015 |