Review: Heated Memories
HEATED MOMENTS - Phyllis Bourne
Harelequin Kimani Romance
December 2015
REVIEWER:   Shirley Flemming | RATING:  B
REVIEW: Lola Gray has been the face of Espresso Cosmetics since she was sixteen years old. A face the company has always been proud of, until now. All the trouble Lola has gotten into lately has really tested her family’s patience and caused them a great deal of embarrassment. Feeling that Lola is no longer good for the company, she is fired by the very people who have always had her back. Feeling hurt and betrayed, Lola leaves Nashville and heads to New York and a potential new career. Dylan Cooper leads a sedate lifestyle and that suits him just fine until a certain spirited model breezes through his town. Lola is like a breath of fresh air that Dylan didn’t know he needed. Its love at first sight for both of them but they feel that nothing can ever come of it because of their vast differences. Lola and Dylan find out that when it comes to love anything is possible.

Lola Gray is a little wild, a little impulsive and a lot over the top; which usually lands her into so much trouble. It’s not always her fault but she is blamed just the same. A beautiful talented model whose family wants to change her into their idea of who she should be.

Dylan Cooper is a police chief who lives a quiet life in a small town and takes care of his aging mother. After the chaos of the big city, he is content to return to the peace and quiet of Cooper’s Place. Despite the citizens’ penchant to gossip and meddle in others lives, he never plans to leave again.

HEATED MOMENTS is both entertaining and a good read. The setting is in a small town in Ohio. The pacing is steady and on point. The author has alluded to the heroine’s escapades in earlier installments in the Espresso Empire series.  Lola is the youngest sibling and it is good to finally meet her. She is spirited, impulsive and more often than not will find herself in trouble and her family has to bail her out. When she meets Dylan things start to change for her.  Although the attraction between Lola and Dylan is apparent from the beginning, I would like to have seen more outward signs of the passion sizzling below the surface between the two of them. The premise of the story is good and opposites do attract.

Ms. Bourne proves that when a beautiful cover model cross paths with a small town police chief. Dylan finds out there is more to Lola than a pretty face and expensive clothes. And Lola decides that small town living might be her new thing to do. Lola’s story concludes the Espresso Empire series. The other characters include Lola’s siblings and individuals in a small town which makes this story both hilarious and romantic. This was a very good ending to this series.

5th February 2016 |