Review: Give Me A Reason
GIVE ME A REASON - Tia McCollors
Thoughts in Action/Tia McCollors
January 2015
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell|  RATING: A
REVIEW: Vaughn Holiday, the heroine, and Trace Moseley, the hero, of GIVE ME A REASON are involved in an on again/off again type of relationship. In order to get their relationship on again, Trace offers Vaughn tickets to a Mix and Mingle. Vaughn is up for the challenge, and with a nudge from her favorite cousin, Kiysha, Vaughn embarks on these blind dates only to come to the conclusion (after a series of disastrous and comical dates) that Trace is the one and only man for her.

After reading this novel, a couple of adages or themes come to mind that reminds me of the journey the heroine, Vaughn took  on finding that ‘soul mate’: If it had been a snake, it would have bit you and You can’t see the forest for the trees. The author, Tia McCollors, does a fantastic job in presenting the heroine, who loves the hero, but has some very obvious issues that prevent her from taking their relationship all the way to the altar. What’s a guy to do to prove his love? Well, Trace does something that is completely out the box. Let the games begin!  An intriguing idea that serves as the catalyst for the plot. The plot is handled with just the right amount of humor. Readers will find themself chuckling and maybe laughing out loud at Vaughn’s dating escapades.

The setting of the story is the metropolitan Atlanta area, which is incorporated into the storyline very creatively in some of the dating sites that Vaughn and her rag-tag blind dates visit. The strongest and most dynamic side character is Vaughn’s cousin/sister Kiyesha. She is a character in her own right and the perfect yin to Vaughn’s yang.  I can see a future for Kiyesha with her own story. The dialogue is totally believable and appropriate for the characters. Trace is such a confident, charismatic man, and those characteristics come through in his dialogue.

I loved this story of Love Conquers All. Kudos to Tia McCollors who does an excellent job of presenting a modern African-American Romance without the steamy sex scenes. I recommend GIVE ME A REASON to my fellow romance readers who love a great love story. It’s laced with humor and romance…a winning combination.

22nd March 2015 |