Review:  Flames of Passion
Harlequin Kimani/Romance
January 2015
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Kayla Perrin turns up the heat in her new novel about stepping outside your comfort zone to pursue your dreams and the man you love.  Perrin pairs two people in need of healing and cleverly combines romance with a witty dialogue and a thrilling subplot to create this tender story.

FLAMES OF PASSION is Perrin’s second novel in her Love on Fire series.  She returns to Station Two in Ocean City to deliver the story of Nya Lowe and Tyler McKenzie.

Nya is the flashy, flirty best friend and receptionist for photographer Sabrina Crawford, the heroine in BURING DESIRE, Perrin’s first offering in this series.  Nya is tired of bad men and bad relationships.  She taking a break from relationships after being dumped by her movie director ex for his leading lady.  Nya believes with patience she will find her perfect mate.  To avoid sending the wrong message, she tones down her flashy appearance and vows to suppress her penchant for the handsome sexy type.

Tyler is the handsome sexy type and one of the firefighters featured in the Ocean City Firefighter calendar that Nya’s boss was commissioned to produce.  Tyler is labeled as “one of the good ones”.  He is the kind of man who thrives in a relationship and delights in pampering his woman.  He swears off relationships after a bad break-up, but a crazy encounter with Nya makes him reconsider his self-imposed abstention.

Nya draws Tyler into a hilarious scheme where he pretends to be her love interest to provoke jealousy in her ex.  In return, he asks her to reciprocate in an attempt to show his ex that he has rebounded.  All this pretending blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality and, needless to say, Nya and Tyler’s relationship avoidance plans are put to the test.

Perrin compassionately navigates the journey of two individuals wounded by love.  Her easy writing style allows the reader to feel Nya and Tyler’s pain and anxiety.  Tyler is open to loving again and offers Nya encouragement and the space she needs to heal.  Nya has never encountered this type of man nor support from anyone, including family.  Intuitively, she questions his sincerity while cursing the timing of their connection since she is on hiatus from men.

Although I really enjoyed this novel, I noticed an error.  In one scene Perrin describes Tyler arriving in his trademark Lincoln, but leaving with Nya in an Escalade.  Either he is an illusionist or this is an obvious error.  Despite this fluke, I recommend this novel and am anxious to read the next installment in this scorching hot series.

25th April 2015 |