Review: Enticing Winter
ENTICING WINTER - Sherelle Green
Harlequin Kimani Romance
October 2015
REVIEWER:  Beverly Jackson | RATING: B+
REVIEW: Fashion designer and co-owner of the Bare Sophistication lingerie boutique Winter Dupree wants to forget her aborted disastrous blind date with the handsome man-about-town Taheim Reed, so then why is she constantly fantasizing about him. Marketing expert extraordinaire and clothes designer Taheim wonders why the one woman he will not date elicits erotic thoughts he wishes would just go away.  Both Winter and Taheim are distressed to find out they will be co-hosting a masquerade lingerie fashion show at the grand opening of the Inferno nightclub, a business opportunity neither can pass up.  Will their sizzling sexual attraction to each other blaze though to their hearts or will ghosts from the past be the fire extinguisher to their happily-ever-after?

Ms. Green delivers a charming romp filled with sass, sensuality, and sensitivity as the hero and heroine learn to open their minds and hearts to what they can be together. I was smiling at the antics Winter and Taheim go through to avoid their feeling to each other while everyone else around them feels their intense sexual chemistry. The barriers between the couple begin to drop when their professionalism kicks in as they work together. They each have a back story which provides some interesting twists to the storyline and to the budding relationship they have. While the reader receives hints of Winter’s back story, I really did not expect it to be revealed the way it was. That is a very poignant part of the book, and the way Taheim handled the situation and comforted Winter was priceless. It was definitely a breakthrough point for the couple. Taheim’s back story brings back a painful period in his life that could affect the couple’s future. And yes, the intimate scenes are as steamy and passionate as you would expect from a couple with their sexual chemistry.  At times while individual scenes were awesome the transitions between scenes and emotional changes could have been smoother, but this does not distract from the overall enjoyment of the book.

ENTICING WINTER is the first book in the Bare Sophistication series which is a spin-off of the An Elite Event series. The story takes place in Chicago which allows for the familiar and new characters to use their usual good-natured meddling to tease the couple. Tantalizing stops in Las Vegas and Hawaii allow the couple to solidify their relationship.

ENTICING WINTER is a charming sweet love story laced with sizzling sensuality. Many will find themselves laughing, shedding a tear and trying to find a spot to cool off from the hot sessions the couple share. I look forward to the next book in the series which will star the statistically-minded Autumn Dupree.

26th September 2015 |