Review:  Embrace My Heart
EMBRACE MY HEART - Altonya Washington
Harlequin Kimani/Romance

March 2015
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING: B+
REVIEW: Qasim Wilder, a wealthy financial advisor, has been a good friend to heiress, Vectra Bauer.  But now he wants more than the platonic relationship they have and won’t settle for anything less than having Vectra in his arms where she belongs. Qasim is a man used to getting what he wants, so he sets out to make the jaded heiress believe in love again.  He also makes sure she is off-limits to other male companions.  Qasim has quite a task ahead of him. Because Vectra’s last relationship nearly destroyed her, she is not in the market for another man. Any male acquaintance of hers is automatically placed in the friend category.  However, Qasim refuses to be just a friend; recognizing the fact that the strong feelings he and Vectra have for each other are worth fighting for.

Qasim Wilder is a very passionate and confident alpha male. He has a strong dominant presence and is always in control.  Qasim has made millions advising others on how to do the same. Growing up in foster care made him possessive in regards to material things.  As an adult that trait has been transferred to people; one person in particular. He is a complicated but lovable man; who is used to having things his way and makes no excuses for it.

Vectra Bauer is a strong, independent, successful business woman.  She is no pushover when it comes to speaking her mind. But she is afraid of the vulnerability that comes with romantic relationships. Vectra’s last relationship left her with scars she has yet to overcome.  She is content with her life until she starts having passionate feelings for a certain financial advisor.

EMBRACE MY HEART is a story about two individuals struggling to come together. The setting is in the California wine country and the pacing is good.  Qasim and Vectra come from very different backgrounds; one impoverished and the other privileged. However, that is not what threatens to keep them apart.  Their life experiences is the culprit that makes them cautious about reaching out to grab the love they both want and deserve.  Qasim feels that his possessive nature may frighten Vectra.  And Vectra is just plain scared of laying her heart open to be hurt again.  Vectra and Qasim start out as friends and then both of them realize their feelings for each other are much stronger than friendship.  This story was well-written with a powerful range of emotions.

Washington did a good job developing these characters and displaying the inner struggle both Qasim and Vectra endure to cross that bridge from friends to lovers.  They have to conquer their individual demons before they can commit to each other.  The other characters are strong and bring their own presence to the story.

EMBRACE MY HEART is a good story and sure to capture the lover in you.  If you haven’t read it, please do and follow Vectra and Qasim’s rocky journey of shedding their past and finding happiness with each other.  By the way, love those names.

19th May 2015 |