Review: Brick House 2
BRICK HOUSE 2 - Keith Thomas Walker
January 2015
REVIEWER:  Ashley Slater |  RATING: C
REVIEW: In BRICK HOUSE 2, we catch up with Brick and Korah as they continue to balance their personal and business interests.  Their attraction is still sizzling, but family loyalty and commitment issues come into play.  Brick’s company won the school board contract, so he is hiring Korah’s company to subcontract the labor. Now that they’re working together, will they be able to separate business from pleasure?

The pacing in this story is extremely slow in the beginning. We see glimpses of how Brick and Korah’s relationship has progressed since the first story. The plot drags until midway through the story when an unexpected turn of events forces Korah to make some difficult business decisions. Korah’s son Devon is head of construction at her company and makes his dislike of Brick known. The tension that results makes Brick begin to question his decision to hire her company.

This time around the story is predominantly told from Korah and her son’s perspective. Whereas the first story was told from Korah and Brick’s viewpoint, so we got better insight into Brick’s thinking and actions. There is also a secondary romance between Korah’s son and secretary that we briefly previewed in the last novel but delved more into here.

BRICK HOUSE 2 is a fair follow up to BRICK HOUSE, it just didn’t enhance Korah and Brick’s story in any way.  However, if you’re eager to find out how Korah and Brick’s relationship evolves, then check out BRICK HOUSE 2.

12th February 2015 |