Review: Breathless
BREATHLESS - Angie Daniels
Carmel Kisses Ink
December 2015
REVIEWER:   Janet Caldwell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Every once in a while a book comes along that deeply touches your heart and produces an audible sigh.  BREATHLESS is such a book!  Sedona Beaumont’s fiancé dies in a naval accident and she is slow to recover from his death.  Keith Falcon enters her life and gives her hope that she can find love again.

Three years after the death of her fiancé, Sedona managed to build a successful career as a motivational speaker and life coach. She has all the trophies of success, but no one to share them with. At the insistence of her well-meaning friends and relatives, she starts dating again, but without a love connection.  As a last resort, she tries online dating. Just as she is about to give that up, a potential love connection is made.

Keith Falcon is a navy veteran. His career in the navy made long-term relationships impossible. Now that he is out of the service, finding a mate is a priority. A cousin’s online love connection resulted in marriage, so he decides to give it a try with hopes for the same result. After a string of bad matches, Keith finally sees a profile picture that makes his heart skip a beat.

The gorgeous picture belongs to a woman he has worshipped from afar. When his profile appears on her dating sight she reaches out to him and he sees this as his opportunity to claim her. However, looming inconspicuously in the background is a secret Keith is harboring that could affect any relationship he hopes to have with Sedona.

Sedona and Keith have an unmistakable instant chemistry. Their unconventional meeting infers this relationship might be predestined and I couldn’t help but feel Keith’s previous attraction was just a little creepy. The main characters are from vastly different social-economic backgrounds, but they are very compatible. Several additional characters impact this story - their respective parents, grandparents, siblings; Sedona’s friend Dominique and the deceased fiancé, Derrick Webb and his mother.

Angie Daniels expertly crafts a profound and very passionate story of love lost and found. She takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster that affected me so deeply that I had to set the book aside after its conclusion to absorb what I had read. Just as the title implies, this novel will leave you

1st February 2016 |