Review: Breaking Bailey's Rules
Harlequin Desire
November 2015
REVIEWER:  Beverly Jackson | RATING: A
REVIEW:  Twenty-six year old Bailey Westmoreland, sassy and beautiful, is tasked with being on her best behavior as she picks up Walker Rafferty from the airport. The ruggedly sexy thirty-five-year-old rancher is in Denver at the request of his best friend, Garth Outlaw, to help verify if the Westmorelands and Outlaws are related to each other. But true to her nature, Bailey speaks her mind which Walker quickly finds off-putting and intriguing. What neither of them expects or wants to admit is their mind-boggling attraction to each other. Their forbidden attraction continues to have a magnetic pull at their hearts while their bantering leads to a precarious game of unthinking statements followed by heartfelt apologies. That is until one accusation too many has Walker abruptly returning home and the ever impulsive Bailey trekking uninvited to Alaska to deliver a personal apology. Will the past and rules keep this couple from seeing home is where the heart is?

Brenda Jackson once again proves she is a master storyteller of rich and satisfying romances with fairytale endings. Fans of the Westmoreland series have watched feisty Bailey mature over the series and wondered who would be the man to win her heart. Bailey, who up until meeting Walker, never felt the emotional or sexual connections that now keeps him on her mind. Initially, she is confused by these feelings but, seeing how her brothers and cousins had fallen in love over the years, is able to sort out the feelings.

I enjoyed how Bailey sought advice from her family and processed the information in a way to allow her to be true to herself. Walker’s painful past experiences and losses have him locked within himself and refuses to be involved with another woman, no matter how much his heart wants her. How Walker faces his past, and comes to accept Bailey for who she is, is a very touching part of the storyline. I fell in love with Bailey and Walker and found their sexual tension and intimate moments electrifying.

Part of the story takes place in Denver (Westmoreland Country) but the majestic description of Alaska and Kodiak Island will have readers booking a trip to the area. The introduction of the Outlaws was well integrated into the storyline and I look forward to reading their stories. And the bombshell that Bane drops at the end sets up the next book very nicely.

BREAKING BAILEY’S RULES is the 26th book in The Westmoreland series. I would have to say that the clever plot points, the blazing chemistry the couple shared making each scene sizzle, the emotional depth displayed by the couple and, of course, the supporting family members make for a compelling read.

16th November 2015 |