Review: Beg For It
BEG FOR IT - Angie Daniels
Carmel Kisses Ink
October 2015
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell  | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Originally part of the USA TODAY bestselling 12 Alphas 12 Months boxset, Angie Daniels delivers an enhanced BEG FOR IT complete with new scenes. I enjoyed the original novella, but Daniels does an excellent job of enriching an already wonderful story just enough to produce an even more enjoyable tale of love.

Jayla Parker and Stefano Ortiz return to Hampton, Virginia for their ten-year high school reunion. Stefano, in the Air Force security force stationed in Las Vegas, is on leave and uses this reunion trip to decompress after a dangerous mission. Jayla lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a perfect candidate for an episode of Maury Povich’s “people who have changed dramatically since high school”. Her plan is to flaunt her new look and have a no-strings-attached weekend fling with the object of her desire begging for more. Oh, how the most carefully prepared plans can go awry!

Jayla and Stefano are complex characters. Behind their attractive exteriors and successful careers lurk ghosts from their pasts. Left-over adolescent anxieties and unconventional family dynamics have imprinted them with profound permanent scars. They admired each other from afar in high school, but neither made a move thinking the other was off limits. Jayla was the quiet nerd who tutored Stefano to help him stay on the team. Stefano was the popular good looking athlete who appreciated Jayla for not being part of the in-crowd and envied her idyllic family life. Ten years later, it’s on and poppin’ and Jayla and Stefano mutually agree to explore the chemistry that’s always been there and have “fun” just for the weekend.

Daniels delivers a hot story of two people realizing they are what each other needs. Their chemistry is unmistakable and despite their admitted distaste for relationships - a relationship with the right person is just what each needs. Daniels is an excellent writer who is guaranteed to deliver characters that heat up the pages of a novel.  I invite you to join Jayla and Stefano for a weekend of fun that turns out to be so much more.

16th November 2015 |