Review:  Beautiful Surrender
Harlequin Kimani/Romance

May 2015
REVIEWER:  Beverly Jackson| RATING: B
REVIEW: Event Planner, Mya Winters, has longingly watched her friends find their happily-ever-after but now is not the right time for her to be thinking about dating. She has just received a disturbing mysterious phone call regarding her past. Yet she cannot stop ‘playing eye tag’ with the sexy delicious P.I., Malik Madden, every time they are in the same place.  He is the one man who has the promise to make the unflappable Mya lose her control. Malik decided when he first saw the feisty beautiful Mya that one day he would make her his woman. After a particular intense eye balling session with Mya, Malik seizes the opportunity to ask her out and while he does not get Mya’s usual lethal tongue lashing directed towards men who hit on her, it was still a no go. Malik has oodles of patience, confidence, and skills when it comes to getting what he wants so when paired together on a community project he relishes the opportunity to show Mya who he really is. Will Malik’s patience run out before Mya gives into her feelings for him or will this couple be able to find their happily-ever-after their way?

Ms. Green delivers a lovely romantic tale which is heartwarming, engaging and hopeful. It is the well-crafted strong and courageous characters who drive this story. I feel in love with Malik from the first page and how his confidence and swagger allowed him to take the teasing and jabs from both Mya and his brother. Malik woos Mya with a courtship that will make readers swoon. He knows just when Mya needs a gentle touch, a strong shoulder, or a take-charge lover.

Mya is one tough independent woman with a passion for her career and helping others in her community. As Mya begins to trust Malik with secrets she has never shared others, his compassionate handling of this information enlightens her to who he really is as a man. While I understand Mya’s reasoning for her often brusque behavior, I just could not feel that much empathy for her and often wanted to warn her about what a good man she might lose. As an eyeglass wearer, I like that Mya found Malik sexier when he wears his glasses. While this romance is not as spicy as the other An Elite Event storylines, the lovemaking scenes are just as sensuous and satisfying.

BEAUTIFUL SURRENDER takes place mostly in Chicago and the surrounding areas and this plays a part in how Malik captures Mya’s heart. A cast of well-meaning meddling friends enliven the give-and-take between the couple and fans of the series will be delighted to see old favorites.

The fourth book in the An Elite Event series, BEAUTIFUL SURRENDER sparkles with a cunning ruse, family secrets and mysterious ways of the heart. It will melt your heart and warm your soul.

1st May 2015 |