Review: Bane
BANE - Brenda Jackson
Harlequin Desire
December 2015
REVIEWER:   Beverly Jackson | RATING:  A
REVIEW: After a perilous secretive mission and with three month military leave, Bane Westmoreland has decided it is time to reclaim his wife, Crystal Newsome. It has been five years since he has laid eyes on Crystal and he is no longer a hot-heated troubled directionless young man but a disciplined Navy SEAL entrusted to carry out high level security missions. While Bane did not know how Crystal would react to his showing up at her door he did not expect her to answer the door holding a gun. Crystal, a PhD candidate in biochemistry, is surprised Bane is on her doorstep. Does his appearance relate to the note she found that tells her not to trust anyone or does he want her to just sign divorce papers.  She needs to get rid of him as quickly as possible so she can disappear and sort out who is after her and her groundbreaking research.

Bane’s military training makes him aware Crystal is in a more dangerous situation than she realizes and there is no turning him away from protecting her. Not ready to forgive Bane for the missing five years, Crystal reluctantly agrees to Bane’s protection as she lays down some rules of her own. While there is no denying that the couple are still attracted to each other, will there be time to resolve the issues regarding their five year separation before the mission regarding Crystal’s is resolved?

Fans of the Westmoreland series have been waiting for Bane and Crystal’s story and they will not be disappointed. How clever of Ms. Jackson to tell this highly anticipation emotional reunion as a romantic thriller! This format allows for both Bane and Crystal to showcase how they spent the past five years apart and who they are now. Crystal’s initial reaction to Bane is realistic as she wants answers and assurances that he still values their relationship as much as she does. Bane certainly shows his maturity as he knows he needs to let Crystal determine the pace of their intimacy. As expected from a Westmoreland, the sexual tension sizzles and the love scenes are swoon-worthy.

I enjoyed how Bane involved his team to gather intelligence and ensure the couple are one step ahead of the bad guys. Of course the Westmorelands and the Outlaws also step up to the plate to support each other without any hesitancy.  The actions travels from Texas to North Carolina to Alaska and back to where couple’s love first flourished, Colorado. The ending will surely bring tears of joy to many readers.

BANE is the last book of the Denver Westmoreland series. Fortunately, fans can look forward to the Outlaw series for more deliciously sexy stories.

5th December 2015 |