Review: Anchored By Love
ANCHORED BY LOVE - Unoma Nwankwor
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December 2015
REVIEWER:   Brenda Larnell | RATING:  A
REVIEW: The Sons of Ismael Series, Book II is titled ANCHORED BY LOVE, and features the second son of the Danjuma brothers, Jabir Chike Danjuma. The subtitle, Sons of Ishmael is a reference from the Bible that tells about three brothers who “should have been sons of favor but their lives took an unexpected turn when their father made a decision that molded their future”. In Book 1, A SCOOP OF LOVE,  we read about the first brother Rasheed and his love journey with his soul-mate, Ibiso. In this book, author, Unoma Nwankwor ushers us into the lives of the second brother, Jabir and his lady love, Damisi Odinga. The setting for the story has an international flavor as it shifts from America (Detroit) to Africa (Nigeria and Kenya), and back to Detroit. It’s a very appropriate setting since our protagonists are African natives and college grads of an American university. The setting, along with the conflicts and characterizations, help to make a first-rate story.

Dr. Jabir Danjuma, wealthy, handsome, gifted heart surgeon, and Damisi Odinga, well-paid TV personality of the largest Christian network in Africa, have engaged in an on-again off-again relationship for six years. Jabir has never gotten over his father abandoning him, his siblings and his mother when he was a young boy. His abandonment issues cause him to be mistrustful of relationships and to have a serious case of commitment phobia. In Jabir’s mind, he let his guard down with Damisi, and she did the same thing his father did. She left him. On the other hand, Damisi has her own reasons for breaking up with Jabir that include her seeing him with a mysterious woman, and his stubborn stance against accepting or joining her in her walk with Christ. Jabir does not want to have anything to do with God which stems from his abandonment issues.

However, the last time they were together, their attraction to each other led them to the nearest bed. The consequence of that action, an ill-timed pregnancy has Damisi trying to come to grips with going from a spokeswoman for single Christian women who “were waiting on the Lord for their Boaz” to an un-wed pregnant woman of faith who has a hard time forgiving herself.  Added to this is Jabir’s irrational, liquor instigated marriage to another woman that causes these two star-struck lovers to come to grips with some very serious, life-changing decisions.

The protagonists’ families and friends are not just side characters in this story, but they serve essential roles as mentors, prayer partners, and supporters as Jabir and Damisi struggle to work through their issues in order to build a life together. We are reacquainted with Jabir’s family where we catch up with his brother, Rasheed and his wife Ibiso from A SCOOP OF LOVE, and introduced to Damasi’s family. As in A SCOOP OF LOVE, the author immerses the reader in African customs, and family life.

I really liked this story. I was drawn into the story from the Prologue. The Sons of Ishmael Series gets better with each book, and Unoma Nwankwor is becoming one of my favorite writers. I highly recommend ANCHORED BY LOVE and the first book, A SCOOP OF LOVE. I’m looking forward to reading about the third brother who happens to be Jabir’s twin. Pick up a copy of ANCHORED BY LOVE; you won’t be disappointed.

14th December 2015 |