Review:  An Island Affair
AN ISLAND AFFAIR - Monica Richardson
Harlequin Kimani/Romance

April 2015
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: A
REVIEW: In AN ISLAND AFFAIR, Monica Richardson shares a valuable lesson, “don’t overlook someone who you think is not your type, because they could be the perfect one for you.”

Monica Richardson’s bio reveals she is the alter ego of author Monica McKayhan and writes romance based in the Caribbean islands. May I add that she writes WONDERFUL stories about romance in the Caribbean? This is only her second romance novel, but her creativity, delivery and writing style surpass some of her more experience peers.

Our leading characters are Jackson Connor and Jasmine Talbot. They are complete opposites. Jackson is a work-a-holic hell-bent on making a success of his up-and-coming construction company. Jasmine is a former model and actress who has benefitted from her good looks most of her life and is labeled as flighty and undependable by her family.

By default, Jasmine is selected to oversee the renovation of The Grove, her family’s historic property on the Eleuthera Islands in the Bahamas. Jasmine is focused on proving to her family that she left her carefree ways in California and is qualified to manage this project. Jackson’s construction company is performing the renovation of The Grove. His primary focus is recouping his investment in this project and moving on to more lucrative ventures. Both have a history of bad relationships and aren’t interested in repeating mistakes from the past.

After their first meeting, I saw no future for this couple. Jackson labeled Jasmine as beautiful, opinionated and a “bit too California”.  Although instantly physically attracted to him, Jasmine immediately dislikes his bossy, non-nonsense demeanor. Eventually, the two begin to see that their initial opinions were unfounded and their relationship flourishes in secret, due to the fact Jasmine is actually Jackson’s boss. Secondary characters heavily impacting the story include their respective parents and siblings. Jasmine’s special bond with her father is envied by her siblings, particularly her sister Alyson. This tension fuels Jasmine’s drive to successfully manage the renovation project. The revelation of a family secret alienates Jackson from his family and fuels his ambition to make his construction company successful.

Due to her Bahamian family roots, Richardson’s description of the island is on point and descriptions of the rich Bahamian food had my taste buds dancing like a tourist at a goombay festival.  AN ISLAND AFFAIR is the first novel in The Talbots Of Harbour Island series. Richardson reveals the second installment, A YULETIDE AFFAIR, about sister Alyson, is scheduled for release in December 2015. I liked this steamy island adventure and invite you to join Jasmine and Jackson as they indulge in AN ISLAND AFFAIR.

25th May 2015 |