Review: All You Can Handle
ALL YOU CAN HANDLE - Farrah Rochon
Nicobar Press
June 2015
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: B+
REVIEW: Farrah Rochon quickly turns up the heat in ALL YOU CAN HANDLE, her fifth Moments In Maplesville installment. The fire between Madison “Sonny” White and Ian Landry ignites rapidly and continues to burn as they flirt with a relationship that could impact their career ambitions.
Rochon’s Maplesville series focuses on strong, stubborn, independent, yet vulnerable young women. Sonny is no exception. She is a frustrated young woman on a quest to find herself. This quest leads to Maplesville and her dream job as a pastry chef. An innocuous stop at the local bar leads to meeting a “honey drop” named Ian Landry.  Ian is an ambitious local motorcycle aficionado who is raising his precocious little sister. 
Sonny was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but rebuked it. In an effort to divorce herself from the past, she is determined to be anything but what she is expected to be. She casts off her bougie relaxed hair and designer clothes to don an afro and thrift shop finds. Conversely, Ian is chasing the silver spoon to own his own motorcycle business - a dream his father was never able to realize.
ALL YOU CAN HANDLE is the story of two young people eager to fulfill their dreams which are hindered by the actions of others.  Sonny’s life is planned by her parents, specifically her very successful father. She follows his plan until it nearly smothers her and her dreams.  Her only solution is to escape. Ian is thrust into the responsibility of raising his younger sister at twenty-two. His dream of owning his own business is neglected as he works to earn enough money to make a good home for his sister. Sonny and Ian lack a network of support to nurture their achievements and goals. They discover within each other the nurturing and validation that is lacking from others.
Characters impacting this story include Ian’s younger sister Kimberly, and although not visible in the story, Ian’s mother and Sonny’s parents, permanently impact the lives of our couple. I think a little more information on them would have augmented the complexity of the leading characters.
Rochon has exhausted her pool of Maplesville core characters and is now focusing on their friends and relatives. She gives no indication of her future plans for the series, but I hope she delivers more sweet Maplesville novellas.

7th September 2015 |