Review:  All of Me
ALL OF ME - Sheryl Lister
Harlequin Kimani/Romance

January 2015
REVIEWER:  Susan Plummer | RATING: A
REVIEW: A young couple discovers love can happen fast but trust builds over time as portrayed in ALL OF ME by author, Sheryl Lister.

School teacher, Karen Morris, wants to relax alone on her best-friend’s wedding cruise despite blatant interest from men on board. Widower, Damien Bradshaw, is unenthusiastic about cruising on a ship full of desperate looking women. Nevertheless, his best friends believe it will help him move on.  Damien is ready to date again but he hasn’t met a woman who holds his interest until he notices Karen trying to ward off an unwanted admirer. Damien is immediately drawn to Karen and despite her earlier decision, Karen is drawn to Damien too. In just days, Karen feels closer to Damien than she ever imagine.  She is then mystified and angered when he suddenly disappears without a word. Damien is upset over the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.  He is thrilled when he runs into Karen while conducting a training program several states away. Their reunion may be short and bittersweet as their next and seemingly unsurmountable obstacle is living on different coasts because while Damien is willing to try, Karen is not as inclined. Karen’s ex-fiancé cheated right under her nose, so what will stop Damien while he is miles away.

Karen’s beauty and intelligence proved to be no guarantee against heartbreak.  Damian’s first marriage was based on obligation but what he feels for Karen now is new and consuming. They are very guarded when apart but together, their guard immediately crumbles and the easy and natural connection they share resumes.  Both main characters are three-dimensional and very likeable.  Their friends contribute to the colorfulness and richness of the novel with quirky but supportive personalities.

ALL OF ME engagingly flows between light-hearted moments and somber tones. The story is set in North Carolina and San Jose, where Karen and Damien live, respectively. The distance between them speaks to the commitment required in sustaining a relationship.

From the beginning Karen and Damien share a special connection neither experienced before. They laugh and communicate like old lovers.  Unfortunately, their commitment is sometimes compromises by lingering fears from their past. Fortunately being together proves to be the elixir to curing their concerns.

ALL OF ME is a truly enjoyable novel with characters that feel like everyday people. I haven’t read the first novel in this series but after thoroughly enjoying ALL OF ME; I will be reading Just to Be with You and any others that follow.  ALL OF ME is a beautiful portrayal of second chances.

19th May 2015 |