Review: A Most Precious Pearl
Samhain Publishing
September 2015
REVIEWER:  Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: A MOST PRECIOUS PEARL - Migrations of the Heart, Book Two chronicles the life of Margaret “Mags” Bledsoe, the sister of Ruby Bledsoe Morson, the heroine of A VIRTUOUS RUBY, Book 1 of this series. Once again, we are in Winslow, Georgia, but the time is Post World War I. It’s 1919 and the soldiers have returned to America. This is such an appropriate setting for this story because we are reminded that the freedom that the Black soldiers fought for and found on foreign soil is still nonexistent for them in the United States. They return only to find that turmoil, injustice, and discrimination is in full effect. The NAACP is diligently recording and reporting the heinous crimes that are being waged against Blacks in the North and South.

Enter our hero, Asa Thomas Caldwell, who prior to the war was a journalist for the
Pittsburgh Courier, a prominent Negro publication. Post War Asa finds himself a wounded warrior who is suffering from what we know today as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). He is so depressed that he contemplates suicide, but in steps Ruby, now a resident of Pittsburgh, with an offer he cannot refuse. Asa is given the task of going to Winslow and chronicling the injustices suffered by the Black citizens in that area, which appeals to his journalistic instincts. He must also bring Mags to Pittsburgh so that she can help Ruby who is having a difficult pregnancy.

Twenty year old Mags, loyal and steadfast, has taken a management position in the Mill owned by Paul Winslow, whose family founded the town.  She loses that position when it is given to Asa, a returning Vet looking for a job. Our heroine is certainly not pleased at these turn of events, and she is not shy in letting it be known. The action, drama and conflicts revolve around Mags and Asa as they experience and navigate the forces of oppression and violence that was so eminent during the historic
Red Summer of 1919. What is more, they each must deal with their own personal demons of their past lives that block their future together. In the story we also become reacquainted with familiar characters from the previous novel. The heroine’s family, the Bledsoes, the villainous Paul Winslow; and the traveling evangelists, the Carvers, comprise memorable side characters. New characters, like the misguided Katie Marshall, and the outspoken Elodie Caldwell quickly become integral to the storyline.

Piper Huguley, the author of
A MOST PRECIOUS PEARL, does a masterful job in continuing the saga of the Bledsoe sisters. The continuity of the storyline from Book One to Book Two is flawless. The historical events of that era are brilliantly intertwined with the fictitious events and characters of the story which gives it a great deal of authenticity. So, what connection does the title have with the story? I’m glad you asked, but I’m not giving that little nugget away. You’ll find out when you read the book. Who's the next sister to be placed in the spotlight? I’m not sure, but the author left us with a slight hint in Chapter Seventeen. Whoever it is, I am looking forward to reading the third installment of the Migrations Of The Heart Series. I highly recommend this series. It’s a great read!

7th September 2015 |