Review: A McClendon Thanksgiving
Samhain Publishing
October 2015
REVIEWER:  Shirley Fleming | RATING:  A
REVIEW: Faith McClendon has come home to Chicago to start her life over after putting her budding fashion career on hold to support her selfish ex-husband.  Faith also has the chance to renew her friendship with Michael Montgomery, a childhood friend who has carried a torch for Faith since they were children.  In the past, Michael was afraid to confess his feelings for Faith for fear of losing her friendship. By staying silent, he ends up losing her anyway to a man who does not love her or deserve her. Now that Faith is free again, Michael intends to claim the woman who has held his heart all these years. But Faith did not come home to place her future in the hands of another man. She’s done with all of that.  This time she is going to live her life on her own terms. She is going to make her dreams come true and no one is going to stand in her way and that includes her good friend, Michael.

Faith McClendon is a woman who has a new lease on life. Finally free of her lying, cheating ex-husband, she is taking her life back. She tried love and marriage and it didn’t turn out well. With her family’s support, Faith is making her dream come true of opening her own fashion boutique.  With the exception of her family, everything else will have to take a back seat.

Michael Montgomery is a professional photographer and teacher who has made a good life for himself.  The only thing missing is the love of his life.  Michael has been in love with his best friend his entire life.  His burning desire is to make Faith McClendon a permanent part of his future.  When he accomplish that, his life will be complete.

A MCCLENDON THANSGIVING is a great read. This story is packed with everything you could possibly want; love, friendship, family togetherness and, of course, romance.  This is the first story in The McClendon Holiday Series.  Faith and Michael have known each other since they were children.  Their friendship spans a lifetime.  And Michael has loved Faith just as long.

This beautifully written love story shows us that true love can stand the test of time and distance because Faith and Michael had to travel a long road to get back to each other.  The other characters comprise family members on both side who provide the backbone for the family series unfolding for the reader. The setting is in the city of Chicago, Illinois. The pacing is great and moves along swimmingly with no dead space in the story. Young has written a sweet romantic tale of everlasting love that is sure to peak your interest and have you waiting patiently to read the next one. Wonderful story. I look forward to the next one as well.

10th January 2016 |