Review: A Dose of Passion
A DOSE OF PASSION - Sharon C. Cooper
Harlequin Kimani Romance
October 2015
REVIEWER:  Janet Caldwell | RATING: A
REVIEW:  Noah Price is dying and he wants the two people he loves most in the world to be happy. Derek Logan and Macy Carter want different things in life, but they have a fairy godfather working behind the scenes. Because of Noah’s matchmaking their worlds are about to collide. When Noah dies his will is written in such a way that Logan and Macy are forced to spend time together. What Noah couldn’t achieve in life; he accomplishes in death. Although Macy and Derek balk at the idea of having to spend so much time together, it allows them to really get to know each other. Soon the attraction that has been simmering just below the surface, turns into a full-blown conflagration.  However, Derek has a war going on inside of himself. Terrified of putting his heart out there again and chance being left behind by another woman, Derek still maintains that he can only offer Macy an affair and nothing more. Macy refuses to accept that and breaks up with him. After seven miserable days, Derek begs Macy to take him back.

Derek is an architect who becomes a millionaire overnight. He is also afraid to love again after his wife’s defection, leaving him with a baby to raise on his own.  Derek has convinced himself that he is content to run Price Architecture, raise his son, and live his life as a single parent without the benefit of love. His fear is so great that he tries to deny love when it’s staring him straight in the face.

Macy spent years building her career as a pediatrician. Despite the fact that her own mother didn’t want her, she loves children and loves taking care of them.  She desperately wants to have the American dream; a husband and children of her own. With her biological clock ticking, she fears that if she doesn’t find Mr. Right soon, she may never have her heart’s desire.

A DOSE OF PASSION is right!  That’s all it took for Derek to be totally captivated by Macy. This well-written, attention holder is set in the historic city of Atlanta, GA. The author does a good job with all of the characters in this book. Her depiction of Macy and Derek is well-defined. While Macy’s desire to be a wife and mother is palpable, Derek’s fear of long-term commitment is equally tangible.

Ms. Cooper’s writing reveals that these two are made for each other and in need of love. Little Jason is an adorable character who adds the right amount of icing to these two lovers’ cake.  Keith, the supportive brother, is a sweetheart of a guy who deserves a second chance at love. I love this storyline. It’s so believable. And what an ending!  I am on the edge of my seat waiting for Janna’s story.

1st November 2015 |