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WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO BECOME A WRITER? I’m an avid reader and I’ve always had my own stories rumbling in the back of my mind. I always wanted to write, but never really had the courage to put myself out there. I’d write a scene here or there, whenever inspiration struck, but I never had the motivation or courage to submit what I’d written. It wasn’t until I was facing troubles at a former job that I found the courage to pursue my secret passion of writing.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR JOURNEY TO PUBLICATION. I began writing bit by bit. I’d be at work and a scene would come to mind. The minute I found a free moment, I’d open up my personal email and write it out. I’d be at home and think of something, then I’d open a Word document and start typing until the scene was done. Eventually that turned into about 4 or 5 chapters plus a prologue. Still, I didn’t seriously think about publishing it. When I faced difficulty on my previous job, I decided to go for it. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, right? I’d either get a no, and be no worse off, or it could be the start of something fun and great. I submitted it to my first publishing house and they accepted. Then a year later, Sharon Blount, of Building Relationships Around Books Book Club and Garden Avenue Press partnered for a contest, Writer’s Got Talent, and I debated entering.  While I have every faith in my abilities, I knew that entering as a published author could put me up against some really good competition, but I decided to go for it. To my everlasting happiness, I won. I haven’t looked back since.

DESCRIBE A TYPICAL WRITING DAY FOR NYORA RENÉ. There is absolutely NOTHING typical about a writing day for me. I teach, I’m a wife and a mom. A typical day for me consists of work, homework with my daughter, preparing dinner, and spending time with my husband. After all of that, I’m absolutely exhausted! I give myself a goal of spending at least 8 hours a week writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s eight straight hours or an hour here or there. I’m happy to say that most weeks, I go well beyond my goal. During the summer when school is out, I dedicate 4 hours a day to writing. During my “official” writing time, I try to flesh out characters, scenes, plot, settings…basically a story map. Once that’s done, I put my headphones on, go to my YouTube writing playlist and tune out everything but my story.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY DOING WHEN YOU’RE NOT WRITING? Reading! Oh and sleeping, LOL. I enjoy spending time with my daughter and my husband. We love comic book movies (Iron Man is my absolute favorite hero) and finding new restaurants. I also love to travel. My husband and I are currently listing all of the places we want to visit and making plans to make those vacations happen. One last thing I enjoy is teaching. I love my students!


TELL US ABOUT LOVE REKINDLED AND READY FOR LOVE. It all started with LOVE REKINDLED. I had no plans outside of writing that book. Honestly, it was one of my sorority line sisters who asked me about Drew and Denise and insisted that I write their story. I’m glad I did because I enjoyed them. The idea of college sweethearts came from my own love story with my husband. He played basketball in college and that’s where we met. That’s the only similarity we share with Malcolm and Charmaine. From the idea of college sweethearts, the story just sort of grew. If you enjoy sweet romances then I think you’ll enjoy LOVE REKINDLED. It was also important to me to show a mature relationship that involved successful co-parenting. I didn’t want Malcolm and Alaura’s journey to parenthood and co-parenting to read like a Maury show.  Drew and Denise’s story, READY FOR LOVE, was a fun, sexy story. I wanted them to be different from Malcolm and Charmaine; more playful, but still serious when the occasion called for it.

WHAT MAKES A NYORA RENÉ BOOK SPECIAL? I think that is something you’d have to ask my readers, LOL. To me my books are special because I put my all into them. I try to bring stories that aren’t full of drama and that have elements of real life. I don’t want my stories to be unrealistic, and I want my characters to be people that you would want to hang out with in real life if they really existed.

WHAT IS NEXT FOR NYORA RENÉ? The third book in the All Or Nothing series! This third book is about Jacob and Lena.


WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE AN ASPIRING AUTHOR? Follow your dreams. That’s advice that I would give to anyone. Oh, and a great editor is worth the price that you have to pay!

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