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Nana, what made you want to be a writer?
After I finished nursing school I kept a journal of my experiences as a new nurse because it helped me release my frustrations. When my nursing orientation ended I thought I wanted to publish it (I didn’t). That was the spark. It was when I knew I wanted people to read what I’d written. 
Why romance?
I absolutely adore reading romance. Every once in a while I’ll switch genres for a book or two just to mix it up, but I always return to my first love. When a friend of mine kept complaining about being alone, I wrote a story about how she’d meet the guy she’d end up with (no I’m not clairvoyant- just creative). That e-mail turned into a book, which I’ve tucked away never to be seen by the world. Ever since then I’ve been busily writing romance novels.
Describe a typical day for Nana, the writer?
It seems that I don’t do typical. Procrastination often has me eating (more than I should), on social media (a lot), or visiting with friends and family, or running errands. Sometimes I just read the day away (reading is the best!) Unless I have a deadline, I pretty much roam from task to task throughout the day. The one vow I make to myself is that every day I must write at least fifty words. This often turns into anything from an exact fifty to three thousand.
What do you like to do when you want to relax?
The things I do when I should be writing. I’m laughing, but it’s no joke. I’ll add watching movies and television to that list.
I heard that you live in Ghana. In what ways is living there different from to living in the US?
I don’t think your wonderful readers have the number of days it would take to read the essay I could write on the subject so I’ll keep it short with 4 points (I love lists).
Ghana’s weather is pretty consistent. Hot! There is a season when it rains before and after it gets hot (rainy season). Other times it’s a dry heat blowing in from the Sahara Desert (Harmattan). The remaining season is a less intense type of hot.
The city of Accra reminds me of a medium sized city in the US (sort of). Almost anything you want to access is here. My favorite place to hang out is in one of the many air conditioned shopping malls (see #1 for why).
The people are really friendly in Ghana. When they say it’s a hospitable country believe them. I relate it to living in the South of the US multiplied times ten.
The libraries are few and far between in Ghana. This makes me sad.


Amira is a princess from the fictitious West African country of Bagumi. She meets Jake, a dentist from Vermont, online. Jake comes to visit her in Bagumi and things explode from there.
What inspired you to create the Royal House of Saene series?
That honor goes to Empi Baryeh (HIS INHERITED PRINCESS - Book 2) and Kiru Taye (HIS CAPTIVE PRINCESS - Book 3). These creative geniuses gave me a character and I ran with her. We’re all West African (Ghana and Nigeria) and wanted to see a royal series set in our culture. I tip my hat to these two wonderful authors and friends. We had a great time writing together.
What was your first book?
I’m going to add ‘published’ to that question. Love Through Time was my first. It’s a story that delves into the past lives of the heroine, Jasmine, and how it affects her present with romantic interest Sean.
If you had to choose one book to introduce a new reader to your work, which would it be and why?
You’ve put me in a really tough spot. I feel like I’m being tricked. I love all of my books and would recommend each one. But since you’re forcing me to comment, I’d say that readers should pick up
HEALING HIS MEDIC It's quintessential Nana Prah. Humor, romance, action, adventure, ass kicking, emotion, and a strong heroine. The story is set in West Africa and the high seas on a navy ship. Did I mention that there’s a hot alpha hero and pirates?
How have you changed as a writer since that first book?
Being an artist is all about getting better over time. I noticed this when I revised Love Through Time. My editors have been so helpful in guiding me to develop my craft. I now have a better handle on that “show” vs. “tell” business that all the cool kids are talking about.
What’s next for Nana?
2019 is a sensational year. I have a short story coming out in the Be My Valentine (Volume One) anthology published by Love Africa Press on February 11th. My last book in the Astacio series,
AMBITIOUS SEDUCTION starring Miguel and Kamilla (some of my best work if I do say so myself), published by Harlequin Kimani will be released on March 5th.
I’m busy working on other stories that have me clapping with glee as I write. I can’t wait for you all to read them. Hint for one: MMA
If there was one thing you could tell your readers what would it be?
Thank you so much for reading my books. I try to put out the best stories so that you will enjoy your time with my characters. You’re all the best!
What advice would you give an aspiring author?
There is no aspiring when it comes to being an author. Once you start writing you’re an author, so get to it. If you’re scared- don’t be. The industry is filled with loads of people who will support you and your work. If you have an interest in writing then do it - there’s no time like the present.
How can readers reach you?
Website: <>

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