Chicki Brown

Romance Author, God's Woman & Lover of all things chocolate...
Feature - Chicki Brown
Favorite Food
Shrimp, anything chocolate, pizza
Favorite Movie
I have several - The Best Man, Something New, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing
Favorite Place to Travel

Nassau, Bahamas and the Gulf Shore beaches in Florida
Favorite TV Show
The Big Bang Theory, Queen Sugar, This Is Us, Cherish the Day
Favorite Artist
If this means musical artist, I am a music fanatic. It’s hard for me to choose, but my all-time favorites are the late Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Prince, James Brown and Joe Sample. Some of my favorite living musical artists are John Legend, Kem, Gladys Knight, Kirk Franklin, Jonathan Butler and Euge Groove.

1. What made you become a writer?

I have always been addicted to reading, but back in 2000 a light turned on in my head. I started writing a short story on the job because of a lack of work. This story morphed into a 400-page novel. It wasn’t publishable, and I had a LOT to learn, but it taught me that I had what it took to complete a book.

2. In which genres do you write? Which genre do you prefer and why?

I write contemporary romance and women’s fiction because those are my favorite genres to read. I love relationship stories whether they are about a couple or a family.

3. Describe a typical day for Chicki, the writer?

I’ve been a full-time author since I got laid off from my job in 2000. My typical day goes something like this. I wake up, go downstairs and make a cup of tea, read my daily devotionals and pray.

Once that’s done, I respond to my e-mail and social network messages. Next, I spend some time posting promos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Finally, I start working on my current project, whether that’s writing, revising or doing research.

4. What do you like to do when you want to relax?

Reading, of course! If I’m not reading, I’m watching TV. I have my favorite shows and that’s my chance to relax at night. To really relax, I love sitting by the ocean watching the waves and listening to the surf.

1. Tell us about WE ARE FAMILY.
is the story of two sisters who are unexpectedly thrown together in a business venture. Regine and Francine Ellis have never been close because of their vastly different personalities. Working together gives them the opportunity to appreciate their differences and to help each other when they find themselves involved in challenging new romantic relationships.

2. What was your first book?
HAVE YOU SEEN HER? was my first release. It’s about a wealthy woman who escapes her abusive husband, flees across country and starts a new life with a new identity as a cocktail waitress.

3. If you had to choose one book to introduce a new reader to your work, which would it be and why?
It would probably be
A WOMAN’S WORTH, Book #1 in The Stafford Brothers Series. It deals with a woman who has recovered from a catastrophic illness and accidentally meets the man of her dreams. AWW is one of my most popular books. It introduces the Stafford family whose stories continue in the next five books.

4. How have you changed as a writer since that first book?
OMG, that’s a loaded question! I’ve grown in my craft as I continued to learn how to improve my writing. As the world’s worst employee, I’ve learned that I had to work harder than I’ve ever worked in my life now that I’m self-employed. During the past eighteen years, I’ve spent countless months learning new computer programs and software and it’s shown me that I’m not too old to be taught new things.
I’m a pretty social person, but I’ve had to put myself out there in order to meet new readers and forge new friendships with other authors.

5. What do you see as your greatest accomplishment as an author?
My proudest moment was being featured in USAToday.

6. How do you feel about the state of the romance industry; in particular, the treatment of authors of color?
AA authors have always had a tough time getting our worked noticed/acknowledged by the traditional publishing industry. Everyone has probably heard about the recent RWA mess, so I won’t go into all of that, but I believe the advent of self-publishing has given us the chance to get our work directly into the hands of readers who want to read books with characters who look like them. Self-publishing has been a blessing to most of us who are willing to do the work.

7. What’s next for Chicki?
My next book, ALL IN YOUR MIND, is my first paranormal romance. It will be the first in a series about a group of men who’ve been gifted with superhuman abilities. Right now, I’m only in ten chapters and I’m having a ball writing it so far.


1. If there was one thing you could tell your readers what would it be?
How grateful I am for their support. African American women are the most devoted readers out there! I would also ask that they be mindful of the fact that all authors need reviews for their books, especially on Amazon.

2. What advice would you give an aspiring author?
Learn everything you can BEFORE you put your book out into the world. I can’t stress this enough. I constantly get DMs and e-mails from aspiring authors asking me questions they could have easily posed to Google! The information is out there and it’s free. I don’t mind answering questions, but as a writer, research should be their first move. There are hundreds of excellent web sites, blogs and YouTube videos that will give them all of the answers. Do the work.

3. How can readers reach you?
Email:  chicki663@comcast.netHYPERLINK ""
Amazon Author Central:

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